Mobile Games

 Nightmares! 3D is our first mobile game release and is out now on GooglePlay for ANDROID. (coming soon for Apple iOS)

Nightmares! 3D is a (FREE) beautiful dual-stick 3D survival shooter based in a little boy's Nightmares! Just try to stay alive as you battle through swarms of angry, nasty monsters! Nightmares! 3D features amazing graphics, smooth gameplay and hours of monster-destroying goodness. Upgrade weapons from an automatic rifle, grenades, multi-shot grenades, high power chain guns and more which will be added on a regular basis.

Click the google play button below to download today, what are you waiting for? It's FREE!


Coming Soon

Virtual reality is here and Sector 1 Games is ready! stay tuned for more updates on our first GearVR title, it's a secret but we can tell you, it's racing, it's really fast, and you are going to love it!